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Mudrooms are one of those ongoing trends that can be found in modern homes today all over the world. There is a good reason these petite rooms are built into new houses because they tend to bring organization and cleanliness into the home and make life just a little easier. Mudrooms will essentially act as a catch-all for the entire family, whether you choose to use it for extra storage or somewhere to land when you enter and exit the home.

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Reason #1: Clutter Eliminator 

Mudrooms are the perfect room to have as they can eliminate clutter right when you step in the door. This is because mudrooms supply a space for all of your everyday items without creating a cluttered mess. To make the most use of this space, make sure to have baskets and organizers so everything will have a labeled place to live. Also, install hooks and wall organizers to make use of your vertical storage and to give coats and outerwear a place to call home.

Reason #2: Dirt Blocker

By having a mudroom, you may find the rest of your house looks a little more clean and organized. This is because all of the dirt that would typically end up in your front hall or living room is now contained to the mudroom where it can be quickly taken care of. Installing a durable floor that is easy to clean is key to making the most of your room. Also, consider having a small station for washing up or drying off can be extremely helpful, depending on the season and weather.

Reason #3: Grab & Go Storage

Even if your mudroom is a small room or a hallway, you can still maximize its potential and space. A great way to do is this is to install storage at different heights and levels that will be easy to utilize for the entire family. It’s also important to fix or sort out space where you can prepare for the days ahead. Whether that be laying backpacks out for the kids or having your coats and shoes waiting for you, this can cut down on how much time it takes to get out the door. Consider using cubby spaces, small box storage, or pull out drawers to use up the most of your area.

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