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Black and white will always be an elegant combination of colors that is loved all over the world and in-home design. Because of that, it makes this stylish pair so versatile that it can be hard to find a place where they won’t fit or work well in your home.

We love to see bold pops of black with accents of white touches or the opposite scheme, a clean white finish with sharp black lines. Finding ways to incorporate black and white into your design while making sure your personality and unique sense of style stands out, is guaranteed to leave you with great results and a beautiful home.

Black & White Gallery Wall


In a neutral-colored room, black and white can make a fantastic statement. For example, the photo above shows a black and white gallery wall, and it plays off the fireplace surround and trim on the Valor Portrait Clearview Insert, bringing the two areas together flawlessly. The best part of this gallery wall is everything you see can be interchangeable, so you won’t find yourself getting tired of your design and layout.

Black & White Bedding

Pic Credit: jobethyoung

Bedding may not seem like an essential part of your design plan, but it can sure make a difference when it’s done correctly. Black and white only adds to this concept as it makes your bed the center of attention while complementing the rest of the room. To really make a statement, consider starting with white sheets and bedding as this will give you a really great neutral base for the design of the room. From the white linen, start adding in pops of black and patterns to really pull everything together. You can mix patterns in the room for an even more profound impact.

Black & White Walls

Pic Credit: engelta

You may feel intimated by a strong pattern or darker print, but there is no reason to fear such a great idea! By creating an accent wall with a bold and exciting design, you will give your home a center point and something to work off of when it comes to other items in the room.  Feel free to experiment with different furnishings that bring out the class of your accent wall, while complementing it. Also, consider using pops of color within small decor to bring a unique twist into the mix, such as lamps or decor pieces.

Black & White Accents

Pic Credit: Desiretoinspire

Last but certainly not least, if you want to stick to a modern design, use black and white in large, bold quantities. An example from above, the strong black door you see makes for a real show stopper in a white bathroom as it’s one of the only full black accents in the room. Not only will you be able to mix in other finishes such as gold or chrome, but you can also have fun with your flooring if you feel adventurous. Keeping all the excitement to the floor and door will give you a one of a kind look that you may not see anywhere else!

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