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Horizon with Valor Red Liner, Traditional Cast Iron Front and Contour Trim.

It can be enjoyable to change the theme or feel of different rooms in your home. Whether that means a new paint color on the wall or some new decor pieces, even the smallest change can make a huge difference! One trendy theme that can coordinate perfectly with the upcoming Summer is nautical! Bringing a nautical theme into your home can refresh your space and will allow you to play around with bold patterns and even some rustic touches to create the perfect decor balance.

Bold Walls

When we think about a nautical or ocean inspired theme, we see a lot of dark blues, greens, and even a punchy red for an accent color. When you decide to go this route, you can have more room to be adventurous with color and patterns in the main areas of your home. It also could be a great time to try out an accent wall that will demand attention when you enter the room, this can be achieved with bold striped patterns or with a robust solid color of your choice.

Photo Cred: Completely Coastal

Blended Decor

Because a nautical theme can bring out some fun and bright decor pieces, it can be helpful to mix these items with some softer pieces such as a warm blanket or a fluffy throw rug to create a balance in the room. Rustic and natural wood items are a great partner to this as they can bring in a touch of outside and roughness to your clean-cut design scheme. Try using wood furniture, natural woven baskets, or even some vintage finds to throw in a little variety to your plan.

Photo Cred: Arcadian Home

Statement Piece

Even with an accent wall, your decor can still stand out on its own. Finding a few larger accent pieces can really bring the entire room together, and you can get creative with what you decide to use! The nautical theme makes it easy to mix in large pieces such as a vintage wood wheel or a rustic set of wood rowing paddles, while still keeping your color and design plan in mind. These pieces also can really help to start a conversation with guests, so try to¬†find a few pieces that have some history to really captures your guest’s attention.

Pic Credit: Slovera

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