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Metal is a material we see everywhere and are in contact with throughout each day. But have you thought about using metal within your home’s design and color palette? Metal items, decor, or even metal finishes can look really great in any home or design plan if they are used and showcased correctly. Luckily, we have a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to decorating with metal around your home.

Do Consider Starting Slow With Your Design: If you’re feeling intimated by the thought of working and decorating with different metals, start slow by working with alike items. You can do this by decorating with metals that have a similar shade such as brass, copper, or gold. This way you’re still bringing a metal aspect into your home, but your main tones will still mix together well.

Don’t Forget About Height. When it comes to working with mixed metals, it’s important to use height to your advantage when you are dealing with different shades. By using height or width between the metals you give them the chance to blend well without overwhelming each other. Consider decorating with clusters of different metals throughout your space for the best effect.

Do Use Metals To Change The Whole Look. Do you find your room is missing that aspect of warmth? Or does your space need a few cool tones to complete it? For example, if you add silver into a room, you’ll find that it brings a cool modern touch to the room that stands out well or on the flip side using copper and brass will warm up a room that gives off a cooler, fresh tone. By using these metals, you can drastically change the feel of your room with only a few steps and alternate them depending on the season and time of the year.

Don’t Forget A Little Goes A Long Way. When working with metals, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and use too many touches of brass, copper, gold, and silver around your space. So when you start to add metals or finishes into your space, keep in mind that you can start small and it will still make a great impact within your design scheme. Also, if your mixing metals between decor and finishes, go with a smaller finish and let the metal touches shine within your decor pieces. The picture above shows off how mixed metals can look great in a living room space, with the addition of a Valor Fireplace.  For more information, visit Valor Fireplaces here.

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