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Spending days on the beach in the hot sun can be genuinely marvelous and unforgettable. However, once the beach day has come to a close, don’t you find yourself missing the ocean and the sand between your toes? Well, you may not be able to get those exact same feelings back; however, it won’t take much to bring in some beach-inspired decor into your home to remind you of those lovely days spent on the sand.

Bring In Natural Items

Photo Cred: CompletelyCoastal

There is no more natural way to bring the beach to your home, then by decorating with real beach accents.  This can be anything from sand to seashells or even a few pieces of driftwood. Not only will these items remind you of the beautiful memories you spent on the beach, but they will also bring texture to your design scheme and really make a statement in your home. Try adding in accent pieces such as jars or baskets that can hold some of your beautiful treasures while adding to the whole look.

Use Similar Colors

Photo Cred: Birchlane

Another great way to bring in some aspects of the beach to your home is by using colors you would see at the beach and on the shore. Try to be inspired by ocean and land by using light greens, soft blues, and even taupe colors as it can help bring together a beach-inspired decor plan without being overwhelming. It’s essential to find a balance between colors by adding in some basic neutrals such as white to balance out the scheme of colors and bring a touch of modern to the whole design.

Display Memories 

Pic Credit: CompletelyCoastal

Lastly, when you’re looking to bring beach-inspired items into your home, don’t forget to use your own memories! Photos and keepsakes from your days at the beach can act as perfect decor almost anywhere in the house. Not only will these items be conversation starters between guests and family, but it’s also a great way to bring in aspects of the beach without overtaking your pre-existing style and decor. Consider using white frames to let your photos genuinely shine or consider a gallery wall similar to what is shown above to create a focal point in your room!

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