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If you’re new to Valor Fireplaces you may not have heard about one of our exciting features, the HeatShift System. The HeatShift system is an addition that fits with any “J” Series (L3/L2/L1) installed linear gas Valor fireplace and will take the guesswork out of how to decorate above your fireplace. This is because the HeatShift System reduces surface temperatures that would normally heat up quickly and redistributes the air back into the room at a higher elevation, allowing you to hang items and decor directly above your Valor Fireplace.

This means that the options for decorating above your fireplace are almost endless, and you won’t have to worry where your heat is going, as it will be released through a sleek vent at the top of your fireplace unit. So when it comes to decorating this space, what will fit best? Well, keep reading to find out three ways to decorate using Valor’s HeatShift System.

Choosing artwork for above your fireplace can be a tough choice, but you will find a vast array of options. You can select one large print to make a statement in your room and really catch the eyes of your guests, this will also take the guess-work out of working with multiple pieces. However, if you prefer more of a gallery wall or collage look, the new Heatshift System gives you a ton of room to work with and leaves your options open in terms of layout and design.


If your Valor Fireplace sits in a smaller room in terms of square footage, it’s essential to add in items that will make the room feel more expansive.  One great way to do that is by hanging a mirror above your fireplace, which allows light to reflect off of it directly. This will give the illusion that the room is more significant than it is and will also help in making the room feel more airy and open. Consider a mirror with a modern edge or stand out frame design as it will add a little something extra to your plan.

Decorative Decor

Last but not least, if you decide you don’t want to hang anything above your fireplace, you still have great options in terms of decor. Your mantel offers a lot of opportunities for decor items that don’t need to be hung, such as candles, frames, vases, flowers, or even sentimental objects.  Use a mix of elements to create a beautiful design and get creative by using colors that coordinate with your room and design scheme. Consider using the rule of 3 for these items as it will give you a modern look you won’t find anywhere else

For more information on the Valor Fireplace’s Heat Shift System, visit here.

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