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In the home and design world, one saying you may hear from time to time is to follow the “rule of three.” Now you may be wondering what the means and how you can apply it to your own decorating style. Well, the rule of three is precisely how it sounds, and it sticks to a pretty simple concept. If you apply this rule within your home and design plan, you may feel the space change in a significant way!

The rule of three consists of a straightforward concept: always decorate with groups of three.  The reason for this rule is that it has been said that a group of three items tend to create and expand energy, while even numbers tend to contract. This concept originates from the practice of Feng Sui and has been said to promote relaxation and clean lines. Seems simple right?

This little home design trick can go along way with anything, from decor to lighting to even clusters of artwork. By grouping in three’s, you create a base for your design, you provide a center point for the items that you’re decorating with, and you end up finishing with a clean and timeless look.

In the photo above, you see a few different groups of three items that help the space feel fluid and more relaxing. The cluster of vases on the table is an excellent example as they stick to the rule of three, however different shapes are used to give the arrangement more depth and style.  It’s encouraged to try out different heights and widths when working with sets of three and not feel like they need to stick with similarly shaped items.

The rule of three also works really well when you need a standout look or when you need to keep things simple within your room. For example, the photo above shows little to no decor, but that decor that you do see stands out in a significant way. By using the three decorative grass balls on top of the Valor L2 Linear Fireplace, it gives the decor and the flickering flame a chance to be the center of attention, while they work together to make the room feel open and inviting. This is an excellent practice in a place that doesn’t demand too much decor and just needs a few touches to really bring it together.  This is also a unique way to showcase your fireplace and make it the center point of your entire room.

Don’t be afraid to switch your items around and try out the rule of three today! For more information on the fireplaces you see above, please visit here.

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