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When you have a picture or piece of artwork that you’ve decided you no longer need within your home, have you ever considered tossing the image but keeping the frame? Most times, the picture frames that come with art are usually are pretty nice and the sturdiest part of the artwork.  So why not think outside of the box and use that frame in a different way or in a new format? Not only will this potentially save you some money from buying something new, but you’ll also be able to put your creative stamp on a new piece for your home. Keep reading to learn how to decorate with empty frames below!

Pic Credit: Lushhomes

Frame Collage:

Using empty frames on your wall has never been easier, and it has never looked better! You can make an artsy, yet modern collage on your walls by just using empty frames of different shapes and sizes and placing them on the wall. Simply gather about 8-12 frames that have different designs or details on the outer edges and decide how you would like to go forward with the project. Depending on your color scheme, you can either keep the frames as they are for a more eclectic look or use spray paint to create a cohesive collection of empty frames that will be ready to hang on your wall. Play with different designs and layouts until you find that one that works best for your room and space!

Pic Credit: Babble

Create New Artwork:

If you have one sizeable empty frame and want to create a custom piece of artwork, this is the perfect idea for you! This idea takes a full picture frame and incorporates a bit of outside nature to create a one of a kind masterpiece that can hang almost anywhere in the home. Now, you’ll need to go on a bit of a walk outside to find some twigs and sticks that will fit the inside of your frame and give you a nature-inspired look. You’ll also need to decide if you want to paint your picture frame to match your general color scheme or go with a bold color if you want it to stand out above the rest.

Once you have your supplies, simply grab some strong glue and start arranging your branches within your frame, gluing them down as you find the right fit. Once complete, this great artwork would look amazing, hanging above your Valor Fireplace or even as a centerpiece in your bedroom or dining space.

Pic Credit: Homedit

Keep It Simple:

Last but not least, if you have a beautiful frame that needs to be shown off in all of its glory, the best you can do is keep it simple and let it shine! Whether you leave your frame as is or choose to paint it, it can be hung or displayed almost anywhere in the home to create a beautiful piece of decor. You can add small decor around it to help it stand out or simply lean it like you see above and let the frame speak for itself. This timeless decor can be moved from room to room and acts as a delightful art piece without much work or hassle.

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