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Upcycling isn’t a new word in the home and design community, but it may be one you haven’t heard very often. Basically, upcycling means taking an item you own or have found and changing it to a product that provides more value and use than in its original form.

The rules for upcycling are simple: there are no rules, and creativity should be the number one project material! You can take almost any item and turn it into some beautiful and perhaps even more useful and loved than it as before. We have chosen 3 home items that make for a great project and an easy upcycle, check those out below:

Pic Credit: dishfunctionaldesigns

Bedroom Dresser:  Dressers are one of the most popular home items to upcycle due to the fact that they can be redesigned in so many ways. As shown above, a standard dresser can be turned into a beautiful display shelf with a few simple changes, a new coat of paint, and a few creative touches. But the project inspiration doesn’t stop there: dressers can be turned into kitchen storage, minibars, outdoor display cases, or even a pet feeding center, so don’t limit yourself to a simple design if you want to be more creative.

Pic Credit: thesitsgirls

Bottles: Bottles of any sort might seem like an instant recycle or throw away at first glance, but when we look a little deeper, we can realize that most glass products have a uniqueness to them that can be utilized and expanded on. So whether you choose to upcycle a few wine bottles or soda bottles, why not turn them into colorful and fun vases to display around your home. All you’ll need is paint, a few bottles, and some patience, and before you know it, you’ll have beautiful vases crafted by you personally!

Pic Credit: upcycleart

Vintage Suitcases: Last but not least, when you’re considering taking on a new upcycle project, why not find an older item to act as the base of your project? Vintage suitcases make for the perfect piece as they usually bring along a little character even before you start your project. For the project above, an old travel suitcase is used as a platform which creates a new table to use anywhere in the home, but that’s not the only project you can pull off with these fun suitcases. You could turn a suitcase into a vintage-inspired dog bed, a display case, or even a chic seat for when you have extra guests visiting. No matter what you decide to do, make sure to show off its originality while creating a new item to use around the home.

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