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Valor H4 shown with Logs, Ledgestone liner and black surround.

Even if you’re not an avid book reader, most of us can find a small collection of books sitting around the house that have been well-loved and read. But once you’ve tackled those books, where do they end up within your home? For most, these books can be found collecting dust on a bookshelf and sitting where they can’t be appreciated. So, instead of leaving these wonderfully loved books behind, why not find a few ways to display your favorite books around the home! Not only does this add a homey feel to your design, but you can also show off your favorite reads with a few simple steps.

  1. Display Them If you have books that you love to read and like to look at, why not keep it simple and display your favorite books around the home! Whether it’s a designer styled bookshelf or a creative display of stacked books in your living room, displaying books is a great way to show them off without much fuss. Find your favorite books and gather them together to decide how you want to go about displaying them. You can group them by size, color, or even cover style and strategically place them around your home to add a little familiar yet modern touch to your space.
  2. Stack Em Up Nothing looks more inviting than a pretty stack of books nestled next to your favorite chair or on your main coffee table. Stacking books is a simple way to display your favorite books for everyone to see. Try and add books in where they’ll be noticed and get some use as there is no point in displaying books that can be looked at, read, and loved. We love the idea of stacking books near an armchair that sits close to your Valor Fireplace, instantly creating a cozy reading corner for your family and your guests.  If you prefer something even more straightforward, stack a few larger books on your coffee table with a few decor items to add some height to your design while showing off your favorite book covers.
  3. Create A Library When you hear the word “library,” it instantly brings to mind a large room filled with full bookshelves and a few comfortable places to sit and read. The good news is, you don’t need a sprawling space to create a library to display your books as you can create a smaller replica of this space in your own home. All you will need is a bookshelf or two, a comfortable reading chair, and your favorite books. You can decide how to display your books and make the space as inviting as possible by adding elements you may find in a traditional library. Don’t forget to include a small reading lamp and a warm blanket for those colder nights.
  4. Store & Display If you’re short on display space, consider fashionably storing your books, so they still get seen but don’t take up a ton of space. A great way to achieve this is to find a few vintage crates or wire baskets that contain your personal collection of books. This way, you can still decorate with your books without taking up valuable space, and the crate or box can be moved to a different area whenever needed. This makes for a flexible design and keeps all your favorite reads in one place for easy access and sharing.
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