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Most people find themselves waking up to the fresh smell of coffee, wafting from the kitchen and waiting to be enjoyed. Because of that, it makes perfect sense to have a designated coffee spot in the home where all the accessories, mugs, and coffee can be found to prepare for a quick morning process. This not only saves you time in the morning from not having to pop to your local coffee shop, but it will also save you a few dollars every day!

To create this coffee bar, you will need a dedicated counter space or table where you can build a coffee bar to display and house all coffee and tea-related items. This can usually be made into an existing space or created with a few changes and modifications. Keep reading for tips on how to create your own at-home coffee bar:

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Create A Space:  When it comes to implementing a coffee bar in your existing space or kitchen, it’s essential to create a space that will work for long-term use. So, whether you have a cabinet that is waiting to be used or some empty counter space that would fit a coffee bar perfectly, plan out the space that you have to work with before you move everything in. Make sure to confirm you’ll have enough surface area for your coffee maker, mugs, accessories and for some extra decor items if you decide to decorate the bar as well.

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Stock It Up:  There is no point in having a coffee bar if it’s not well stocked and ready to use! So, when you finally create a space for your coffee bar and start loading it up with the basics, make sure to think about all the extras you may need. You’ll want to make sure you have coffee mugs, a creamer and sugar bowl and, of course, a selection of tea and coffee on hand for family and guests. If you would like to add some extra touches in to really complete the bar, consider adding in flavoured syrups, fun garnishes, or even some coffee themed decor to give your bar some personality.

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Make It Practical: Lastly, when you’re reviewing the final details for your coffee bar to see what you might be missing, make sure the coffee bar works in a practical sense. For example, you’ll want to make sure your coffee maker is in an excellent position to be refilled and used regularly and not placed behind other items that may block it. Also, it’s imperative to make sure your coffee bar is sitting firmly in place, so there is no chance that it will be disturbed in the rush of everyday life. Once you have secured the bar in the area and made sure it works for the whole household and any guests that may stop by, you should be ready to serve a hot, steaming cup of coffee in no time at all!

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