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It can be easy to get caught up in making your home feel and look as stylish as possible. But at the same time, it’s essential to make sure your home and the decor that’s in it feels personal and familiar. So how do you find that perfect balance? Well, if you can find a few ways to include some special family memories into your home, that is a great start! We have come up with a few great ways to incorporate your family into your home, keep reading to find out more below:

Photo/Project Cred: Mr&MrsInteriors


Displaying photos and memories is one of the best ways to incorporate your family into your home decor, while still keeping with the style of your space. You can display pictures in almost anyway whether you choose to simply hang frames, create a gallery wall similar to above, or incorporate some photos into your bookshelves or display space. Whatever you do, make sure to get the whole family involved in picking photos and reliving those incredible memories that can now be shown off for all to see.

Pic/Project Cred: Hometalk

Important Family Objects

If you have a few family mementos that hold particular value to yourself or the whole family, why not display them around your space to keep those memories current.  You can use items such as treasures passed down from loved ones, unique trinkets that have been loved by the family, or even something as simple as keys from your previous homes. Whatever you decide, find a modern way to display these items in your home and incorporate them directly into your home design scheme. These little displays will be a great conversation starter for any guests and will always be on display to relive those memories at any time.

Pic/Project Cred: Fabulesslyfrugal

Homemade Artwork

What is a better way to incorporate personal memories into your space, then by having members of your family create artwork for the walls of your home! You can get pretty creative with what type of art you would like to create as a family, and the best part is it’s something everyone can do together. Try to find a few different pieces of art you would like to re-create and hang them proudly on the walls of your home, so those special memories and moments can be shared with everyone. This is a great summer project as painting can always get a little messy, so get outside and start creating.

Pic/Project: Hometalk

DIY Furniture & Projects

Last but not least, when you’re looking to display family memories and items into your home, why not create something new such as a DIY project or furniture piece? Similar to the above picture, you can find a plan that the whole family can help with and create something that will look great for years to come. As the example above shows, you could create an oversized ruler to display in your space and use it as a way to measure the growth of your children over the months and years. This way, not only have you made new memories creating a beautiful piece for your home, you can add to it to make it even more special.

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