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There is nothing better than the flickering flame and soft light that candles can give off when lit and displayed around the home. Not only do these little flames provide low lighting for any space, but they also blanket the house with the feeling of relaxation in almost no time at all, but that’s not all these candles are good for. In fact, by using and lighting candles around the home, you can change the tone and feel of your space with one quick flicker! Plus, they look fantastic when displayed while lit or even just standing alone. But the big question is, what is the best way to display candles around the home? Keep reading to find out more:

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  1. Cluster Display: When you want to keep it simple when decorating your home or your table, clusters of candles make a huge statement without much fuss. Simply add a group of candles to a plain plate or stand and let them shine brightly on their own. This is a great way to add an extra layer of light to your room or setting and can make the whole home feel warm with a few simple steps. Add a small amount of greenery or small decor accents to the candles to give them a little extra edge.
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Lanterns: Another great way to display candles is by showing them off within lanterns. Lanterns are meant to help reflect the candlelight and expand the glow of the candles beautifully through a combination of glass and wood accents. Display your lanterns at different heights for the best results and consider using lanterns inside and outside to spread the light throughout your home.

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Centrepiece: Whether you’re creating a simple dinner table centrepiece or a grand display for the holidays, don’t forget to include candles as the star of the show. Try mixing different elements such as wood, glass, flowers and candles to create a centrepiece that your guests won’t forget. Whether you keep it simple or extravagant, it’s essential to make sure your candles are on full display, and the light from them can be seen far and wide around your home or event.

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Nature Inspired:  Last but not least when you’re looking for a way for your candles to show off and shine, consider adding in some aspects of nature to really bring the look together. Items such as moss, grass, flowers and leaves can come together to make a beautiful display for any dinner, shelf or table space. Get creative with your use of nature and make sure to include a base for your design to sit on. Lastly, rocks can make a great accent once you have all your greenery in place, so make sure to get creative and create something beautiful for your home.

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