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Most people will agree that the kitchen is the most frequented space in the entire home because it genuinely acts as a hub for the whole family. Because of this, it’s essential that we really think about the way our kitchen feels and looks, as you want to create a comfortable yet functional space. This can be done by thoughtfully planning out the elements that go into your kitchen and adding items that make the entire family and any guests as comfortable as possible.

Bring In Warmth

When it comes to your kitchen space, it’s essential to make sure it feels warm and inviting at all times for family members and for guests who may drop by. A great way to achieve overall warmth and comfort is to consider adding a Valor Gas Fireplace to your kitchen or dining area, which will bring radiant heat to the room and spread it around for all to enjoy. By adding an eye-catching fireplace to your kitchen, you not only provide a level of comfort you won’t find anywhere else, but it also gives your kitchen a center focal point to design around.

Create Comfortable Space

 Comfort in your kitchen should be the number one concern next to functionality because if you aren’t comfortable, you might find you spend far less time in the space. The best way to bring in these aspects of comfort is to do so through the furniture you choose for the room, such as main items like chairs or bar stools. Also, this can be done by adding in a small nook to the kitchen to provide a close and cozy eating area to enjoy your meals and catch up on the day’s events.

Keep It Functional

We can’t forget that even a comfortable kitchen needs to have some severe functionality to make sure it works as a cooking and preparation space and somewhere to spend your time. This can be achieved by making sure your kitchen has a general flow from one area to another and that you choose furniture and appliances that work well with the size of the room rather than overcrowding.  Make sure to measure all areas of the kitchen before bringing in a new piece to make sure it fits appropriately and try out different layouts to find the one that works best for your room and your family.

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Add Layers

Layered items can make all difference to a kitchen or dining room space because with a few simple changes, they add an extra touch of warmth and comfort. One way to add in that extra layer of comfort is to choose soft carpets or area rugs for high traffic areas such as near the base of the sink or in the main walkways. This will allow for extra padding within the busiest areas of the kitchen and will add an extra design layer as you start to bring in bold patterns that will truly stand out.

Mix Textures

 Lastly, when you want to make your kitchen space feel comfortable, consider mixing up textures throughout the room to create a great look. Try out different combinations of elements and textures within your decor, your linens and even within your appliances to create a truly eclectic look. This is also a great time to balance the look with natural items such as fresh plants or flowers, to add an extra touch that pulls the kitchen together.

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