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When you think of decorating for the Fall, what items come to mind? The Fall season usually brings in nature, warm tones and cozy decor that can be used as decorations.

One significant thing that arrives with the season is Fall leaves, as they have unique shades of color and can be used in so many ways. Whether you choose to use them as is or incorporate them into a DIY decor project for your home, we think you will be pleased with the result.

Pic Credit: HelloLucky

Fall Leaf Bowl

This Fall leaf bowl is easy to make for your home or next party and can be a real show-stopper! It can house almost anything you desire, and with a few steps, you’ll be showing off your creation left and right.

Pic Credit: Sunset

Leafy Stained Glass

While it may not be your traditional idea of stained glass, adding leaf accents to your home decor can really bring the Fall feeling inside. This project couldn’t be more beautifully simple and would make the perfect centrepiece for your harvest table. 

Pic Credit: House Of Jade

Leaf Garland

We love the look of this creative leaf garland that can be created with a few natural elements and a fine pen. You can make any message long or short along the front of the leaves, so it will fit almost anywhere in your home. This is an excellent idea if you are looking to decorate your mantel or the surrounding area and can also display different messages of thanks for Thanksgiving.

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