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How To Make Your Fireplace Stand Out

When you look at the fireplace in your home, do you find that it gets lost within the room? This is commonly the case because fireplaces can be seen as a practical item rather than a centrepiece. But there is no reason why your fireplace shouldn’t be the center of attention and really be a standout piece in the room!

To give your fireplace a little extra oomph and really have it stand out, it means designing around your fireplace to really make it the star of the space. This can be achieved with a few updates or decor changes, and before you know it, your fireplace will be a conversation piece for all to see. But where do you start? Keep reading to find out.

Consider An Accent Wall

One of the best ways to make your fireplace stand out and make a real statement in the room is to create a surrounding accent wall. This can be done by simply painting the wall surrounding the fireplace a different color than the rest of the room, or you could go as far as to add a wood or tiled wall that would add some extra texture to the design. By allowing the wall itself to stand out along with the fireplace, it creates a beautiful focal point in the room that can’t be missed.

Plan Out Surrounding Decor

Decor can either make or break the look of a fireplace, and it’s essential to put thought into what items surround the fire. The best way to start when planning out decor for theΒ space around the fireplaceΒ is to keep it simple. Whether you choose to hang a mirror, art piece or add some decorative elements to the mantel, make sure to start with one or two pieces and add from there. This way, you can make adjustments to your design as you go and take away what may not work at first glance. Take time to carefully choose pieces that you love, and don’t be afraid to change components over time and throughout the seasons.

Don’t Crowd The Fireplace

Something that instantly can hide the beautiful look of a fireplace is adding furniture and decor that crowds and takes away from the design. So, to combat this common problem, it’s essential to look at your space as a whole and evenly spread out furniture and decor, so the fireplace remains the focal point and star of the entire room. A great rule of thumb to follow for your design is to leave walking room between your fireplace and any furniture. This allows guests and family to get up close and personal with those flickering flames and allows all to enjoy the fire without feeling crowded.

Create An Inviting Space

Lastly, to really help your fireplace stand out and be enjoyed regularly, it’s important to create an inviting space that allows the family and guests to enjoy the fire. This means choosing comfortable pieces that don’t block the fireplace and having them face towards the fire to really get a great front row seat. By creating this comfortable space your fireplace will stand out as a centerpiece and provide warmth to all who spend time in the room.

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