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It’s easy to stick with the same color and the same look when it comes to the cabinets in your kitchen. This is because sometimes it’s easier to just go with what works or what has been working, but why not give your cabinets the love they deserve and spruce them up a bit!

This can be done in a few different ways, ranging from a quick fix that can be done in a few hours to a weekend-long project that leaves you with excellent results. No matter what you decide to do, any time and attention you put into your kitchen cabinets will help them stand out and look their best!

  1. Paint:  The first and most popular option for sprucing up your kitchen cabinets will be to give the whole set a new coat of paint. Whether you choose to stay with the same color and simply touch up the worn areas or decide to go with a completely new and exciting color, the results will show no matter what. Consider painting your cabinets with a stand out color such as bright blue, modern gray, a glossy white or even a daring black to give your kitchen a new look and add some excitement to your space.
  2. New Hardware:  If you’re not ready to commit to a new shade or color for your cabinets, why not start with a simple cosmetic change and switch up the hardware. This can be a quick and easy way to make your cabinets look updated, and it will only take a few hours to complete. Consider a new style of handle, different from your current choice to change the look of the cabinets and don’t forget to consider different finishes to really highlight your new project.
  3. Add Lighting: Lastly, if your happy with the general look of your cabinets but want to add a new feature that helps them stand out, consider adding in some under cabinet lighting. By adding this lighting to your kitchen, you will highlight the great look of your cabinets and add an extra layer of light to the kitchen. These lights are also great when you want to avoid using your overhead ceiling lights or if you have a beautiful countertop that really needs to stand out.
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