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Copper seems to be all the rage lately, within homes and on the pages of design magazines. This is no surprise as copper has a standout look that attracts the eye but still mixes well with other neutrals, metals, and colors.

Because copper is so attractive, it’s important to use it the right way and make sure it shines within your home and decor scheme but to do that, you need to choose the right places to display the copper look. We have gathered a few great ways to show off your love of copper within your home while still highlighting the rest of your home’s decor.

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Home Decor

An easy and smooth way to incorporate the copper look into your home without committing to a big change is by choosing home decor items with a copper finish.  By showcasing this exciting metal within these items, you can mix it into your current decor scheme and create a cohesive yet interesting look that creates an eye-catching design. Try to bring in a mix of small and larger items to really help them stand out and not be afraid to mix different metals to create a new look.

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If you’re looking to bring copper into your home in a bold way, why not consider doing so with lighting? Lighting is not only a great way to brighten and highlight rooms within the home; it can also be a good place to show off a standout look in a subtle way.  For example, the fixture above uses a neutral shade and copper to create a modern design that would work great in any home.  Copper also looks great within stand-alone lights, light bases and within outdoor lighting.

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When you’re looking for a change in your kitchen or bathroom, one of the first places to consider should be the fixtures in your home. Copper can be a great metal to mix into your faucets as it looks great as a stand-alone piece and mixes well if you have a neutral color scheme throughout the space.  Adding in a unique yet modern fixture gives your space a whole new look without too much change and gives your sink a little extra personality. Don’t be afraid to extend this look to your cabinet handles or knobs for a little extra edge.

Hammered Copper Edge


Lastly, when your living space is begging for a little excitement, why not bring that into the room with a copper touch that will surely be a conversation piece. Valor Fireplaces has recently introduced a copper hammered trim that brings a touch of modern and a ton of texture to your fireplace and surrounding space. This finish mixes well with almost any design scheme and looks especially great when mixed with stone, wood or other natural finishes.  To learn more about this trim or about Valor Fireplaces, please visit here.

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