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Within our homes, we tend to have “high traffic areas” that get used frequently and generally have a flow of people in that space often. Thus, it means these spaces need to be extremely practical and have a good set up to be used continuously without much fuss. For example, the entrance to your home is a high traffic area for not only the family living in your residence but also the guests who may stop by and visit.

This is why it’s so important to have the front entrance of your home organized and functional to make sure it’s serving multiple purposes throughout the day.

Make A Plan

As mentioned above, it’s essential to create a functional and organized space at the front entrance of your home to avoid chaos and general mess. To start, it’s vital to assess your home’s needs and the needs of your family when you decide you want to create and organize a front entrance space. This means looking over the area and deciding what’s needed, whether that’s more storage, a new mat to avoid dirt in the home or even a small renovation to create a space that works.  Whatever you decide, start with the basics and ensure that your room will work in the long-term and that it offers different options for storage and general organization.

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Add Storage

 The biggest issue in most front entrances is a lack of general storage, and it’s extra crucial as this is the first part of the house you will use once you enter the front door. So make sure to add or create storage that will hold items such as umbrellas, coats, shoes and whatever else you might need before you head out the door. By having these items near the entrance, you will cut down the amount of dirt tracked through the house, and you won’t waste time searching for a warm coat and shoes to wear for the day.  Also, consider hooks for any bags that may need to be near the front door, such as backpacks or purses.

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Create A Command Center

 While storage might be the number one for front entrances, having a command center should come in a close second. A command center is an area that houses a place for items such as mail, keys, notices or as a place for essential things that can’t be forgotten. Along with the organizer for items, consider adding on a chalkboard or message board that will hold last-minute notes or lists that can be seen quickly, and that act as a general reminder.  By having this small, yet functional area for essential items, you won’t waste time searching and wondering where you might have put that bill or letter that is waiting to be tended to.

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Provide A Seat

Lastly, when you’re creating your front entrance space and considering what items may be needed, consider adding in a seat. While it isn’t a place you will hang out or spend a ton of time in, a seat directly near the front door can make the day run smoother and cut back on wasted time. This seat will provide a place for your guests and family members to sit and get ready for the day and will supply a place for anyone that visits to put on their shoes and not feel rushed when leaving your home. This little front entrance add-on will provide comfort and will reduce how much dirt is tracked around the house by keeping everything and everyone near the front entrance.

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