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Chevron is a trendy pattern that has been on-trend for the last few years in the home design world. Most people you talk to love this pattern for its bold lines, and because it is so versatile, it can be used in almost any room.  

So, the next question is how and where to use this great pattern in your home? Well, the options are pretty much endless as it can be used as an accent wall, as your inspiration for an entire room plan, or you can even use it in smaller amounts for pops of design.

Pic Cred: mpwdenver

Accent Wall

This may seem like a daunting undertaking, but the results are more than worth it. Whether you decide to take on this project yourself or if you contract it out to a professional, a chevron accent wall will be a show stopper in any room. If you want to bring these great stripes into your bedroom, consider using this pattern behind your bed as a faux headboard feature. If you prefer it in your living space, it can be great for a feature dining room wall or even your main living room wall.

Pic Credit: ahomepedia

Chevron Rug

If you aren’t ready to commit a chevron accent wall, why not consider bringing this fun pattern to your floor? Not only will a bold chevron rug spice up any space, but you’ll also give the whole room a new feel with this simple decor change.  Consider playing with different colored rugs in the chevron pattern to give your room an extra bold look, while creating a modern space for your family and friends to enjoy.

Pic Credit: Eheartdesigns

Chevron Accent Pieces

If you’re looking for an even smaller scale of chevron to bring into your home, consider bringing in this pattern through small decor items and accent furniture. The great part about this pattern is when you bring it into a neutral room, it brings a pop of texture and design to your space! Consider adding an  armless chair, a few small decor items or even a set of pillows and a few blankets to really bring your room together.

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