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The cold temperatures and winter weather are heading our way, and now is the time to think about keeping warm. Due to this change in weather, it’s extra important to bundle up and keep the home’s warmth for comfort all winter long. These simple ideas will help you keep warm, and you can get the whole family involved to help keep the warmth in.

Consider Curtains & Window Coverings

Most likely, you already have blinds or curtains over your windows, but are you using them to keep the warmth in? When the temperatures drop low, it’s important to close up the window coverings, blinds and curtains to stop any cold drafts that may seep in through the windows. If you find you are still experiencing cold through the windows, it may be time to consider additional sealing or new windows in the Spring.

Find & Cover Cracks

 Cracks and spaces between doors and windows can let in a serious amount of cold, and at the same time, these cracks let the heat escape. To combat this ongoing issue, wait for daylight and fill any cracks, spaces or drafts that may be letting in cold air. Consider buying door stops that help cover the bottom edge of the door that lead to the outside for added protection from the cold.

Get Cozy

 Last but not least, if there was ever a time to bring out your big blankets and sweaters, it’s now! Take the time to switch your Fall wardrobe to your winter wardrobe and make your favourite blankets easily accessible. If you want to get the whole family on board, consider buying each family member their own pair of slippers! This will ensure everyone has cozy toes, and it can be fun for everyone to pick out a new pair of slippers. Also, don’t forget to flip the switch on your Valor Gas Fireplace for radiant warmth all winter long.

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