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Christmas is right around the corner with less than a month to go, and decorations are starting to pop up everywhere you go! So if you haven’t already, it’s time to pull out the Christmas decorations and start getting into a festive mood. One great yet modern way to decorate for the holidays is to use items that you wouldn’t traditionally associate with Christmas or the holidays. One item that comes to mind is glass apothecary jars.

Not only do these stunning jars come in all shapes and sizes, but they also make the perfect vessel for almost any Christmas decoration or item. It’s also a great way to put up decorations in a small space as the jars don’t take up a ton of room.

Pic Credit: Country Living

Vintage Decoration: Do you have some precious or fragile items that you would like to display? Well, by displaying them in a glass apothecary jar, you can share the beauty and ensure nothing gets broken or mishandled. Consider filling your jar with vintage lights, toys, letters, ornaments or even small Christmas trinkets to make a statement while preserving your favorite decorations.

Pic Credit: MommyScene

Greenery Display: Instead of using fake or artificial items in your decorating, why not bring in a little outdoors into your home. You can create beautiful centrepieces and decorations by using apothecary jars and fresh items from the outside world. Try and use a mix of colors and textures to really help your arrangement stand out.

Pic Credit: RebekahGough

Snow Scene: Forget about your traditional snow globe that tends to sit and collect dust and make your own wonderful winter scene. Using small decor items and accessories from a Christmas village, you can create mini snowscapes and display them anywhere in your home. Use Epsom salts or fake snow to create a wintry look within your jars.

Pic Credit: CraftyDesigns

Christmas Jars: Last but not least, if you want an easy way to display festive Christmas items without scattering them around the house, consider this option! By putting your favorite items such as ornamental balls, bows or candy canes into the apothecary jars, you can create a spectacular decoration without much work. Try and use complimenting colors to really help your arrangement stand out, or use different heights of jars to create a multi-level look.

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