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Christmas trees have been the same for many years, whether you purchase a real tree or an artificial tree for the holiday season.  However, some homeowners are looking for new creative ways to display their Christmas spirit without going the traditional route, which allows for some amazing, creative ideas.

We have gathered five new, alternatives for Christmas trees that may look perfect in your space and grab the attention of your visitors as they stop by your home.

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Ladder Christmas Tree

This would be a simple and easy way to throw up a faux Christmas tree without much work! All you will need is a fold-out ladder, string lights, and a few decorations to spruce up your ladder Christmas tree. This would be a great idea for large, open spaces that need something different than a traditional Christmas tree. This unique display can bring out a rustic touch within the home and is for sure to be a conversation piece for all who come to visit.

Pic Credit: Bloomingville

Wood Message Wall Tree

Do you ever find yourself short on space around the holiday season? If so, it may be a wise idea to think about an alternative Christmas tree that will hang on the wall and take up little space. This wood message wall tree brings in the essence of a traditional Christmas tree without the mess or width that some trees may require. Consider adding on your favourite Christmas quote or inspirational saying to complete the look and officially squash any worries you have about your tree taking up too much space.

Pic Credit: Redheadcandecorate

Pallet Christmas Tree

While decorating a traditional Christmas tree can be a task the whole family can help with, consider an alternative by building and decorating your own pallet Christmas tree. This project gives you a blank canvas to work with while bringing in aspects of a leafy Christmas tree.  You can add in decorations, different colors, leaves and tree branches and even a real stump to give your pallet tree a great base! Don’t forget to add a lighted star to complete the look!

Pic Credit: Homely

Wood Shelving Tree

This is another great DIY tree that can be built custom for your home and space to custom fit your space. This tree combines a traditional tree shape with shelves that act as holders for your decorations, trinkets, and lights! You can create this tree to fit your space perfectly and make enough shelves to hold all of the Christmas decorations you may want to display, and it also allows you to display lights in and around the edges of the tree.  This set up is also space-saving as it can be hung directly on your wall, freeing up valuable, entertaining space.

Pic Credit: Kikareichert

Chalk Wall Tree

Finally, when you’re looking for a Christmas tree alternative, consider dressing up your home chalkboard or chalk wall. While you won’t physically hang any decorations on this type of tree, you can have the whole family get creative and draw on your perfect tree and all the decorations. If you would like, you can add lights around the chalkboard to add an extra festive touch or keep it simple and show off your artwork loud and proud! Feel free to change the design throughout the season and add to it as you please.

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