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How To Organize Your Fridge

When you think of organizing your home, you might not have your fridge at the top of the list. While we get in the habit of cleaning and refilling our fridge, what about recognizing it?

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While it may seem like a task, it can be well worth it for your whole family and your household’s efficiency. Plus, with these quick and easy tips, you might cut some extra tasks out of your normal routine and have more time to curl up with your family in front of the flickering flames of your Valor Fireplace. Now the next question is where to start? Keep reading to learn how to organize your fridge!

Start With The Basics:

When it comes to the fridge, you have several sections to work with: Upper/middle/lower shelves, door storage and drawers. Now that you have the general layout try to organize your items in order of use. Leftovers, quick meals and snacks on the higher shelves, anything that doesn’t need to be extra cold in the fridge’s door and anything needing to be prepped or cooked (Vegetables, meat, grains, etc.) on the lower shelves and in the drawers. Try to keep all the vegetables together in one drawer and all the meats together in the other for safe and clean storage.

Consider Bins: 

When it comes to refrigerator organization, one thing to consider bringing in is clear containers or bins. This way, you can collect all like items within a bin and have them easily reachable no matter what your cooking or prepping. This works especially well for smaller sauces and bottles that can sometimes get lost in the mix. Also, if you have kids in your home, this is a great system for snacks as you can have them prepped and all in the same place when someone gets hungry.

Clean Regularly:

While this may seem like an easy step, having a clean fridge helps immensely when it comes to keeping organized. Try and schedule a fridge cleaning a few times a month or implement quick cleans every time a new batch of groceries come into the home. By doing this, you will be able to keep up on any expired products and rotate lost items to the front to ensure they get used before expiry. Get the kids involved to make this a family fun chore!

Labels, Labels, Labels:

Last but not least, consider adding labels to sections of your fridge. This will help keep the organization system in place and help the whole family keep up with the good habit. Consider adding labels to the bins or sections of the fridge, add labels to anything expiring soon or items that need to be used up and lastly, add labels to any miscellaneous jars or leftovers with a date they need to be eaten by! This will keep everyone in the home organized and help cut down on general waste and or thrown away products.

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