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There is something beautiful about December and how our outside surroundings look when the cold sets in and the holiday decorations start to go up. Because of that, it’s easy to take that outside inspiration and bring it into our homes to add a unique decorating touch for the holiday season!

It’s not as hard as it sounds, and with a few small touches, you can bring that beautiful look of outside textures into the home and use them to bring some holiday magic into your space for the entire month of December.

 Pinecones: Pinecones have so many versatile uses for decorating for the holidays and really anytime throughout the year. You can create scented pinecones by adding cinnamon to the outside, spray them with a little sparkle to use as a centrepiece or even have them in their natural state and place them in a large vase for display. The great thing is they will hardly ever change in look or shape and can really add a rustic touch to your home’s holiday decorating scheme.


Branches: Natural items like branches, wood or twigs can bring an extra amount of charm to your decorations and can add the perfect touch that you may be missing. The best part about branches is that they can be found right in your own backyard or with a quick walk to a forested area and the best thing to do is find many different sizes and types. Once you have your natural wood, get creative! You can use it within a vase arrangement, as a stand-alone decoration or as a part of a centrepiece for your dining table to bring a natural Christmas feel to your tablescape for all of your guests to enjoy.


Natural Greenery: Lastly, the one thing you’ll see and find the most of outside is natural greenery as almost everywhere you look, you’ll see different types and textures. This is great because natural greenery can be used in large decorations such as wreaths and large arrangements or something smaller like a mantel decoration or within a table setting for each guest. Bringing in this fresh color will bring new texture into your home and bring the feeling of the outside in without the cold temperatures.

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