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Pantone has officially announced the color of the year and this year it is classic blue which is a color that can be brilliant in so many different settings. Now, while this blue might seem bold in design, it makes a strong statement and can compliment and work with many color palettes.

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Credit: Pantone

Keep reading for some inspiration and tips to help you incorporate this great color into your home.

Accent Furniture

Accent furniture in a bold color like a classic blue is a great way to bring a pop of something new into your space without committing to a larger scale such as a sofa or an accent wall. The cool look of classic blue accent furniture should be easy to blend into your existing space and add an exciting touch to the entire room.

Home Decor

On an even smaller scale, classic blue is the perfect color to bring in on a small level without sacrificing the style and look. Consider adding classic blue items such as vases, books, frames or decor pieces to add a fun twist to your decor scheme. This simple change can transform your home and can be moved around or removed if the mood strikes.

Front Door

Lastly, if you’re looking for a big impact and a show-stopping change, then look no further; classic blue belongs on your front door. This is the best way to show off your love for the color of the year, and with a few coats of paint, you can change up the entire exterior look of your home.

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