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If you already own a Valor Fireplace, then you know that the beautiful flickering flames can catch almost anyone’s eye, drawing them to the center of the room. However, once they have finished admiring your beautiful fireplace unit, their eyes may wander onto your mantel or the decor surrounding your fireplace.  

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This is why it’s essential to pay special attention and care to these surrounding areas, making sure they stand out on their own next to the fire. So, what’s the best way to achieve this designer look? Well, there is no right or wrong way to style your mantel, so you can take your time and create a scene you will look at and love every day.

Go Big

When you’re thinking about decorating your fireplace mantel, your first thought may be to go with a big piece to make a statement. This is a great idea for large rooms that need a center point for the eye to rest on and can be really helpful if your already dealing with an oversized mantelpiece. You can try anything from a bold canvas print that stands out to your favorite framed masterpiece that is dying to be on display. Consider hanging the piece center of your fireplace or leave it leaning for a unique look.

Create Clusters

If large pieces don’t do anything for you, consider playing with several small pieces of art to create the look of something bigger. The great thing about this idea is you can let your creativity run wild as the whole look is up to you and can be created custom for your space. We love the idea of creating a small gallery wall or grouping of your favorite pictures to bring a personal touch to the design. Also, consider bringing small colorful items to bring some variety to your design. Play around with your items until something looks right, then slowly add to it to make it complete.

Stay Simple

 If the idea of large and small pieces overwhelm you, that is completely okay, and we have a solution. Sometimes when it comes to home and decor, simple is truly best. This means focusing your design on making the mantle and fireplace looking really good and not adding anything else. Or If you do add small items, keep them very simple. This could be anything from a single glass holder with a candle to your favorite small decor item that draws everything together. No matter what you do, keep it simple.


 Last but not least, if you’re still feeling stumped on your overall mantel design, consider using a mirror! Mirrors are great in any space as the instant you bring one into your room, it makes it feel bigger and brighter. By hanging a mirror over your fireplace, you don’t take away from the beautiful flames of the fire, and you still get the designer effect without much work. Adding a mirror is also great as it will reflect any and all light within the room. So if you have a lot of natural light, this will make it feel like it spreads around the whole space, or if you choose to have a few candles on the mantel and the mirror, you will add in a new layer of light to your space.

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