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Five Reasons Your Home Needs A Valor Gas Fireplace

When you’re considering buying and installing a gas fireplace for your home, the decision process can be overwhelming with all the different options and models that are now available.  Between shape, size, look and accessories, you have a lot to choose from, and sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect fit for your space.

That’s why Valor tries to make the decision process easier by offering several different models and options that can conform and fit almost any style or setup.

Heat & Comfort

When you start looking into a fireplace, usually one of the main reasons you want a unit is for the heat it can provide to your home. Valor is a great example of a fireplace that can not only provide your home with radiant, even heat but also provide a feeling of comfort that can be hard to find anywhere else. Valor Fireplaces are equipped with natural convection that allows them to circulate heat around the house without a fan, meaning you won’t have to see or hear a fan working hard to push the heat around your home. This is a huge plus compared to other models on the market currently and can make a big difference when making that final decision.

Updated Look

What is the next thing you look for in a fireplace, next to its heating stats and power? Well, a big thing to consider is how the fireplace will look in your home, as it will most likely end up being the centrepiece of your main room. Valor offers some pretty amazing options when it comes to the look and style of your fire, including modern trims, rock or log sets and different color options to fit the style of your room. Adding a modern fireplace into your home can also be important if you ever decide to resell your home. It can add extra value and really give buyers a reason to take a closer look during the open house.


Sometimes, when we’re thinking about home decor and upgrades, it can be easy to forget what else it may impact within the home. In this case, if you install a Valor Fireplace into your home, you are adding an element of comfort that could potentially bring the whole household closer together. Just think of how chilly this winter has been and how nice it would be to curl up with the whole family in front of the flickering flames of your fireplace. Not only would it give you a gathering point after a long day, but it will also allow the whole home to feel warm and comfortable no matter the season.

 No Power, No Problem

When a storm hits, your first thought will most likely be the basics: food, water, safety and heat. Valor takes one of those things off your list by providing a fireplace that works when the power is out. Valor Fireplaces are fully functional heaters that don’t use electricity, instantly providing you with that steady and calm heat you use every day, even in the midst of the worst storm. This feature alone should provide you with a sense of comfort, knowing you’ll never be without heat, even in the worst conditions.


 Last but certainly not least, when you’re searching for your perfect fireplace, you want to make sure safety is the number one priority. Valor Fireplaces provides a barrier screen with every single fireplace sold after January 1st, 2015, meaning your fireplace will have a protective barrier to prevent accidental contact with the glass. This barrier is also great for those with little pets and small children to keep them away from the fireplace while still enjoying the radiant warmth.

If you’re wondering how a Valor Fireplace may look in your home, consider trying Valor’s Fireplace Design Center to get a look at a Valor in your home!

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