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Red is a bold, sultry color that grabs attention and makes a unique statement in any room. However, the color itself can be overwhelming to decorate with because too much of it can feel overbearing and too little may end up lost in the grand scheme of your design plan. So, to achieve the perfect balance of boldness, it can be essential to plan out where you’ll incorporate this wonderful color and in what setting you’ll apply it.

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A great way to bring a pop of red into your home without overwhelming the space is to add it via accent decor and smaller items. This allows your room to stay within your general style lines while adding a small bit of excitement to the color palette that will catch attention. Also, keep in mind when you’re adding in red, it doesn’t always have to be a bright, bold shade. Muted shades of red can work great when you’re adding it to a calming space such as a bedroom or bathroom while still bringing in a bold touch.

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Exterior Touch

Using the color red around your home doesn’t need to be limited to the interior; in fact, it works great in an outdoor setting. One of the fan-favourite ways to use red outside is to use it on an exterior door such as the front entrance. By painting your front door a bold shade of red, you will give your home some personality and create a strong entrance for everyone who enters to enjoy. Using red on a neutral home is a great way to bring in some additional texture, and it won’t feel overwhelming when paired with shades of gray, beige or even white.

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Aside from painting a full wall in a sharp color of red, it can be hard to bring in this color in big doses. So as a great replacement, why not consider hanging a piece of beautiful art that holds the strong color of red? This way, you can get the amount of color you want into your room without having to make a large, permanent change. We love the play of red artwork in a darker colored room as it really adds a luxurious feel to the entire space and can mix well with accents such as gold, silver or bronze!

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Lastly, when your ready to take the big jump into using a bold color such as red, why not do so with furniture? Now, this doesn’t mean all the furniture in the room needs to be a shocking color of red, but it means you can choose a few key pieces for the room that really stand out.  If you’re feeling unsure about red furniture, start small with something like a table or accent chair to see how you feel about the change. However, if your feeling more confident, something as large as a red couch can really stand out in a room and be the perfect piece, especially when paired with neutrals and natural wood.

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