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At some point, we reach a time where every home needs a little bit of love. Whether it’s structural work, renovations or something as simple as a new paint job, it can be important to keep your home looking fresh and upgraded.

Not only is this a great habit to get into as a homeowner, but it can also really help you down the road if you ever decide to sell your home, as these little upgrades can go a very long way.  So, what are you waiting for? Time to get to work!


This idea may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to ignore chipping paint and outdated color schemes. When we talk about updating your home and using paint to do so, you aren’t just limited to the walls. Consider updating the paint on your doors, cupboards, walls, closets and even outside the house. Might as well check off a few things while you have the painting supplies out, and it will keep your home looking clean and fresh for the days to come.


While handles may seem small in the decor scheme of your home, the right style can make a big difference in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere. Handles can go out of style pretty easily, especially if you have had the same ones on for a long time. So consider replacing your handles in your major areas with something slightly more updated or to a different color or theme. If you still love the handles you have and want to save a few extra dollars, consider removing all the handles and giving them a fresh coat of spray paint. This allows you to stay within budget while still giving your room an updated and finished look.

Add Storage

A lot of homes come without the proper amount of storage, which usually means you will end up putting some extra options in down the road. Well, it’s finally time to settle in and decide on some new storage for your home. Not only can adding storage make your everyday life more organized and easy, but you can also make customize your storage to fit your exact needs. Consider adding extra shelves, units or small ledges to the rooms in your home that can use a bit more functionality, and you might be surprised at how things fit perfectly into place.


When it comes to important decor items in your home, lighting should be at the top of the list. After all, lighting can set the mood and the tone for each room, and if you have the wrong lighting, it can really affect the usage of the room. You want to try to find lighting that fits perfectly in the room but still makes its own statement, such as a strong pendant light or a good-looking floor lamp. Also, consider the type of lighting you would want for each room. In a living room, you will want warm and inviting lighting that helps you relax, whereas, in an office, you might want more bright and practical lighting. Take your time to find lighting options that fit well, and make sure to try out different light bulbs to cast your perfect layer of light.

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