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It won’t be long until the weather starts to improve and the temperatures start to rise, however, we will still be experiencing lower temperatures at night, especially with a wind chill that can visit in the spring season. So, to keep warm on these lighter evenings, why not consider a Valor outdoor fireplace? Not only, will this provide you with radiant heat that lasts all year round, it will also offer you a new gathering place for friends, family and relaxed moments. So now it’s time to decide what outdoor fireplace suits your home and family the best. Use the Q&A’s below to help you to make your final decision.

What are the limitations to installing a fireplace outside?

There are several factors to consider when installing a fireplace outdoors. To start with, ensure that the unit is approved for outdoor usage. Things to consider when installing a Valor gas fireplace outdoors:

  • Electrical accessories, such as fans or lighting, cannot be used.
  • Install in a weatherproof enclosure with the minimum overhang.
  • Take advantage of the included wall control switch.
  • The Valor L1 See-Thru (1600) or other units cannot bridge an indoor and outdoor space.
  • Cast iron fronts are not recommended for outdoor usage.
  • The fireplace must always be situated and connected to a fixed piping system.

How can I control an outdoor gas fireplace?

Power your fireplace on and off, or adjust flame settings with the convenient wall switch. Please be aware that Valor outdoor fireplaces are not meant to be used with a remote control.

What level of radiant heat can I expect from my fireplace?

A valor outdoor fireplace provides energy-efficient, radiant warmth to the people and objects in front of it. A radiant gas fireplace will provide long-lasting heat, something that an electric heater simply can’t provide.

Other outdoor fireplaces cannot compete when it comes to the performance of our quality-engineered direct vent fireplaces. Burning 100 times cleaner than wood, it is an energy-efficient option for steady, radiant outdoor heat.

Am I able to customize the appearance of my outdoor fireplace?

Yes! Cast iron fronts are not recommended for outdoor use, but other styled fronts will stand up to the weather. Make sure to ask your dealer about compatible front or surround options when considering an outdoor fireplace.

To find a dealer near you, please visit valorfireplaces.com/contact/.

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