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Painting the interior of your home can seem overwhelming and daunting, even when you’re tackling the smallest area. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way, especially if you get prepared and organized before starting.

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Before you begin to paint the walls, make sure to grab a few essential supplies such as paint, brushes, drop cloths, a ladder and anything else you might need to get you started.

Prep The Walls & Paint

A big aspect of achieving perfectly painted walls is to prepare the surface that you will be working on and prepare the paint. Start with the walls and prepare them for painting by taping off the edges, giving the walls a wash to remove and dirt and fill and sand any holes. By prepping the wall before applying paint, it will give you the perfect base to work with. As for the paint, make sure it is well stirred, and if you’re dealing with multiple¬†tins, combine them all together in one container. Combining your alike colours in one large bucket will resolve any consistency issues between tins of paint.

Paint In Order

Believe it or not, there is an order to follow when you want the perfectly painted wall. It is suggested to start by painting the trim in the room, then the ceiling (if applicable) and then the walls. By starting with the trim, you will have less area to tape off, and if you end up with a few drops of paint on the wall, it will be a super easy fix. Once your ready to paint your walls, consider applying a primer if your paint doesn’t include one already.

One Wall At A Time

It may be tempting to paint multiple walls at once, but painting one wall at a time will produce great results. Ideally, you would follow the steps above in order and then go right into painting the walls. By following this instruction, you will end up with walls that blend together perfectly.

Allow For Time

Lastly, it’s important to remember that painting a room or a wall can’t be rushed. While it may be frustrating to literally watch paint dry, it is an important step to achieving perfectly painted interior walls. Make sure to let your walls dry properly before applying a second or third coat. Once you have finished, give the wall ample time to dry and air out before adding anything to the wall, ideally 24-48 hours.

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