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When your room has a Valor fireplace or any fireplace as the focal point, you want to decorate with surrounding items that will really help your fireplace shine. One decor item we truly love over a fireplace is a mirror as it reflects natural light within your room and can make your space feel a lot larger.

 However, choosing a mirror to hang over your fireplace can be a tough decision because the options are truly endless, and in theory, any mirror could look good in the chosen spot. The key is finding a mirror that fits your space and the look of your fireplace well and finding something that shows off your style and personality.

Measure First

It’s essential to consider what kind of space you’ll have to hang a mirror, so make sure to measure the potential space before making any buying decisions.  For a classic look, you could have your mirror the same size as your mantel (if applicable); otherwise, you can measure the full span of your wall space and decide where a mirror would fit best. This will give you an idea of what size mirror you need for your space and will help you create a plan before you shop.

Consider All Styles

 Do you find yourself heading to the same style and look every time you choose decor? Now maybe the time to branch out and try a new style, as most mirrors look great no matter the space you may be working with. Consider playing off the style of your room but choosing a mirror that will stand out in your space and make a statement alongside your fireplace. Also, don’t be afraid to try out smaller multiple mirrors and different shapes and sizes.


Mirror sizes are important as they will do different things for different layouts. An example would be a large mirror that will reflect light within your space and make it feel larger, but it will also take up a good amount of space on the wall where it hangs. Whereas if you chose a smaller, more decorative mirror, it would act more like an accent to the wall while still reflecting a smaller amount of light. So really, it all depends on your room you have to work with, but don’t be afraid to try different heights and widths when choosing your mirror.

Get Creative

It’s important to add in a dose of your own style and creativity when you’re choosing a mirror for your space. One way to do that is to accent your mirror once it’s hung over your fireplace. If you have a mantle, consider adding reflective decor or candles that will really spread light around the room or alternatively, if you don’t have a mantle. Consider hanging something bright across from your mirrors, such as artwork or a beautiful light fixture.

  1. I recently moved into a new home and I am trying to find ways to decorate the space above the fireplace, so I am glad that I found this article. I think that a mirror above the fireplace could be the perfect accent piece and you make a great point that I should look at all the different styles and shapes of mirrors before choosing one. Also, the fact that you say a large mirror will reflect more light and make the room appear bigger would be a huge benefit because the living room is pretty small and cozy.

  2. Thanks for these tips on how to find a good mirror for your home. I agree that you want to measure it before you actually buy it. My husband and I need a new mirror for our home, so we’ll have to measure it first.

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