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In most homes, the smallest room in the house will usually be the bathroom. Whether you’re dealing with a guest bathroom or a small en-suite, it’s extra important to utilize the space the best you can and increase room for storage.

This can be tricky because, at first glance, it may seem like you don’t have any square footage to work with! But the important thing to remember is that with a little creativity and a DIY touch, you can make your small bathroom look and feel more spacious.

Work With White: It may be surprising that one color can make your space look so much bigger, but when it comes to white, you would be surprised what it can do. Using bright whites in a small space will help the room seem larger and less cramped. Also, don’t forget to add mirrors to play off the white design scheme, as reflection can really help make a small space feel large.

Buy Small: While buying small for a small space may seem like a given, it can be easy to get caught up in oversized, grand ideas. But truly, when it comes to a small space, it’s extra important to buy items that fit the space perfectly and utilize all corners of the room.  This means before you shop, take the time to measure the entire room from top to bottom, and before you bring in any furniture or cupboards, make sure they fit perfectly. By working with exactly what the room offers, you will get the most out of the bathroom and in the end, those right-sized pieces will make the room feel larger than it is.

Utilize Hidden Spaces: Most importantly, when you want to make any space feel bigger, you need to think outside the box. This means using hidden spaces within the room and placing storage wherever possible. For example, instead of a standard mirror, consider a medicine cabinet for extra storage space that won’t take away from the look of the bathroom. Also, when you’re considering new cupboards for under the counter, make sure you go all the way to the floor with these items to maximize how much you can fit in each space. By making these small adjustments and using this hidden space, you will be surprised at how much your little room can hold.

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