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Black can seem like an intimidating color to decorate and use frequently around the entire home. However, black can make quite a statement in your space, highlight your favorite design features and stand out above the rest.

The most important part of decorating with such a bold color is to find a balance within the home and to use it in combination with other colors and styles.

Use Black Within A Small Space

The shade of black can do amazing things for a small area of the home or room. This is because its bold, dramatic finish will take away from the room’s size, and it will give the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.  Whether you choose to incorporate black paint into your space or choose the main furniture in similar dark shades, you will be well on your way to a designer look.

Stand Out With Frames

If you feel like you aren’t ready to commit to using a black palette in a large form, bringing this bold shade in with frames is the perfect way to go. Black frames can either be used in a grouping to create a gallery wall or as a stand-alone piece with the print or artwork of your choice. Modern black picture frames go well with any style and can mix well with many colors and patterns throughout the home.

Bold Black Home Accents

Another great way to incorporate this bold shade into your home without committing to a large scale is to bring black accents into the home. This can be anything from decorative items, lamps, accent tables, or even pillows! By bringing these items into your space, you will highlight the style and furniture you already have, and you’ll be able to bring in pops of bold highlights.

Chalky Textures

Lastly, a trend that always seems to be on the rise is using chalk paint for walls, furniture and artwork within the home. This designer yet interactive paint brings a new texture to the home while also allow your creativity to run wild as you add your own design to these items. Consider adding an accent wall or a framed chalkboard to your home space to add a touch of black into the home.

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