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Do you find that your home feels dark and without many sources of natural light regularly? Well, it’s time to solve this problem and light up the home to make it feel bright and cheerful. It’s been said that the more light you let into your home, the better you will daily, and it can increase your mood, which is a huge plus. The tough part can be figuring out how to bring more of that beautiful natural light into your home. Luckily, it can be done with a few simple changes to your home.

Clean The Windows

Cleaning your windows seems like such a simple solution, right? Well, it is, and it truly makes a difference when it comes to how much natural light gets into your home. Dirty windows will create a shade within your home and will decrease the pure light from outside. So take the time to clean your windows well from the inside and the outside for the best effect. With this simple change, you will notice your home feeling lighter, and as an added bonus, you’ll have squeaky clean windows to look through.

Trim Surrounding Greenery

Greenery can be a big problem for natural light and can play a heavy hand in blocking it from entering your home. To combat this issue, survey the outside of your home and see which trees and greenery are blocking the largest sources of natural light. Once you have figured it out, either start trimming these areas to allow more light in or contact a professional to tackle some of the bigger trees that may be blocking the way.

Consider Adding Windows

 Now, this is obviously not a solution for every home, but if you find yourself with a serious lack of light, it may be time to consider adding in a window or two. This is especially important for rooms that don’t have any natural light sources or rooms that may have a smaller window that doesn’t allow light through. This is a great situation to get a few quotes on the cost of increasing the size of a window or adding a new window in and decide if it’s within your budget to improve your source of natural light.

Use Mirrors

For a more cosmetic but effective way to spread natural light around the home, bring in mirrors to the rooms that hold the most light. By doing this, your mirrors will increase the appearance of natural light and make the home feel more bright from room to room. Ensure you place your mirror where it will look the best and reflect the most light to get the maximum effect.

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