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In most households, your pet is a friendly companion and is a big part of your life and a member of the family. So, if this is the case, why not include them in your home design scheme in a stylish way? You can add certain nods to your pet that will look great with your design plan and still act as a practical place for your pet to hang out or enjoy. Long gone are the days you have to stick with a standard fabric dog bed or a carpeted cat tree, as the options are endless for incorporating your pet into your home design.

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Consider A Stylish Bed

Every pet needs somewhere to sleep and re-energize for the next day, right? Well, that doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice the design plan and style of your home. You can incorporate your pet’s bed into almost any room and make it part of the style rather than having it be the odd item out. Consider building a bed or sleeping space into an existing space or nook if you have one or like the photo above tries making your pet a bed from a new or pre-existing piece of furniture. Not only will this give your pet a little privacy, but it will also keep their bed from being front and center in your home.


Opt for Pet-Friendly Flooring:

If you’re in the process of changing or choosing new flooring, consider your pets before the installation process. You can now find hardwood or laminate flooring that is scratch-resistant, perfect for pets that love to run around the house. As for carpet, consider something durable that won’t pull easily as pets with claws tends to catch the carpet as they walk. Last but not least, vinyl flooring is also a great choice as most types are scratch and moisture-resistant, which can be a huge plus if your pet has an accident.

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Organize Toys In Style

It’s important to make sure your pet is stimulated and has some fun, but you also want to ensure your home is not a pet’s playground. A great option is to create a toy or play area for your pet where everything can be corralled into one place. Consider adding a playful wood crate, a cute organizer or a box to keep your pet’s toys organized but easily accessible when playtime starts. This will also make for an easy clean-up before guests come over as you will have one place for everything to go, and your pet can still enjoy its space.

Pic Credit: Designsponge

Use Your Pet As Inspiration

Lastly, when it comes to decorating your home, why not add some elements of your pets to really show off your love for them! Pet art can be a modern and fun way to include your loved one in your design style without sacrificing the look of your home. Consider having a portrait of your pet done by someone local or create your own silhouette version like above to hang anywhere in your space. You can use simple items to create one-of-a-kind artwork that matches the style and color of your home, and it will give your space a truly personal touch. If you would like something a little easier, consider adding framed pictures of your pet around the house or creating a shadow box to show off some of your favorite pet photos and items.

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