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What is the one thing you could use more of in your home? Besides furniture, fixtures, and some key renovations, the answer is usually more storage space. However, just because a home doesn’t come with pre-existing storage to fit your needs, it can be created with a few simple steps. Keep reading to learn how to create more storage for your home.

Utilize Hidden Storage Space

One of the best ways to increase storage in the home without actually adding additional storage is to utilize the spaces that may be hidden from view. For example, if you have a bed frame that sits off the ground, use the space underneath for storage. By storing items in these hidden spaces within your home, they are out of view, which is great for seasonal items, bulk items or anything you may not use regularly.

Embrace Open Storage

Open storage is making a big comeback in the home and design world. So much so that it’s becoming a centrepiece in homes because it can display some of your favorite pieces while being functional storage. So, where do you start? First, you need a unit or shelf to start, and then from there, you can start adding storage items such as baskets, boxes or organizers. Once the bigger pieces are in place, start adding your favorite decor pieces and finishing touches to pull the whole look together.

Use Vertical Space

Lastly, a great design hack for adding more storage to your home uses the vertical space that may be untouched. This can mean finding a storage unit or cabinet that goes up the wall in height, which will utilize unused wall space and supply you with extra room to store items.  You can also add wall shelves or additional storage to unexpected places like corners of rooms, above kitchen cabinets or even from the ceiling.

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