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How To Decorate With Lemons

When you find yourself looking for some bright, summer-inspired decor, look no further than fresh lemons as they bring colour and a zesty twist to your decor. This versatile fruit is the perfect ingredient to making your home feel summer-ready, and it will bring a bright pop of color to your space.

Coach Decor

Citrusy Display

To really show off your love of summer and of lemons, why not create a lemon display that will not only be visually pleasing but can also be a quick way to keep your favorite mugs on hand. Use a tiered tray to allow yourself lots of room to work with and don’t forget to incorporate your favorite cups, salt and pepper shakes or cream and sugar set to give the display some personal character. To learn more about this display, click here.

Smart Schoolhouse

Lemon Lanterns

For a new twist on traditional home lanterns, add in lemons instead of lights to give off the feel of Summer in a simple way. In fact, you could easily mix in a battery operating candle into the lemons, so at night your lanterns will shine. To learn more about this display, click here.

Southern State Of Mind

Zesty Vase Filler

Fresh cut flowers are a great way to bring the smells of the summer season into your home, but when mixed with the beautiful color of lemons, you’ll have the perfect combination. Simply add full lemons and or limes to your next fresh flower arrangement to add a pop of color; this can also be done with sliced citrus fruit as well for a slightly different look! To learn more about this display, click here.

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