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Lighting is the number one way to change the look and the feel of your home. Simple light changes make all the difference in making your home feel inviting and comforting, so it’s extra important to put some thought into your home’s lighting setup. We have gathered some great tips that can help you improve the lighting in your home.

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Mix It Up

When choosing and installing lights in your home, it’s important to bring in a mix of lights to create an inviting space. This means adding in more than just a ceiling or main light fixture into the room and considering different light sources such as table lamps, floor lamps, or lanterns. By mixing different sizes and types of light, you will create an ambiance that can change the whole look of your room. Try to work with one main lighting and two additional lights to create the perfect combination.

Layer Light

Layering light couldn’t be more important when you want to improve the way your room looks. This means using a mix of small and large lights such as candles, lanterns, or hidden lighting combined with your main source of light that brightens your home. Try to add some color in with the smaller light sources to create a visually pleasing setup and get creative with the placement of these little yet bold light options.

Consider Small Spaces

It’s important to consider small spaces when you’re looking to improve the lighting in your home. This means adding light to small spaces such as under the cabinets, in pantry or closets and in corners that may appear dark.  By adding light to these spaces, the entire space will become more functional, accessible and it can create a beautiful look in an unexpected space.

Don’t Forget The Switch

Lastly, consider your switch options when you are improving the lighting in your home. Simply adding a dimmer or a multifunctional switch can make your lighting and your room that much better. This will give you the option to play with different light levels and set the mood as you see fit. You don’t have to spend a lot to make these changes, and it can drastically change how your room appears on a day-to-day basis.

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  1. You really caught my attention when you talked about dimmer switches and what they can do for your rooms. Managing lights in the house has always been difficult, especially since we can’t control how much light we want during times like the middle of the night. If I can find a residential electrician in the area, I’ll make sure I ask for dimmer switches as much as possible.

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