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It’s important to live in a space that feels comfortable and welcoming on an everyday basis. You can do a few key things to help your home feel extra inviting that won’t take much work, but that will leave a big impact. These tips will help you make your home feel welcoming to everyone who lives there and guests.

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What’s That Smell?

When someone enters the home, you want to activate the senses by meeting them with a pleasant smell. This can be anything from scented candles, air fresheners, fresh flowers or even fresh-baked cookies. This will encourage relaxation and will always set a great first impression.

Warmth and Comfort

Ensure your guests are comfortable and warm when they visit your home. The perfect solution is of course the radiant warmth of a Valor Gas fireplace. To learn more about the many styles and options available from Valor, please visit valorfireplaces.com.

Think About Your Guests

When it comes to welcoming guests, you want to think about their needs upon entering your home.  For example, leave a space in the closet to hang up your guest’s coats and tuck their shoes away.  This will make them feel immediately at home knowing their things are taken care of, and they can enjoy the evening.

Leave Some Space

Flow-through the home is essential for the people that live there and for the people who visit as it will help lead the way through your house from the entrance.  Consider this when placing furniture or arranging a room because ideally, you want to leave lots of walking space.  Also, make sure to keep all pathways of the home clear to avoid clutter and frustration.

Bring The Outside In

Lastly, there is nothing better than fresh flowers or plants in the home to make it feel welcoming and comfortable. Consider adding in a few permanent houseplants that freshen the air of the home.  These pops of green will add visual interest to your home’s design and bring aspects of the outdoors into your space.

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