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No matter what time of year it may be, you can always find a reason to curl up under a cozy, warm blanket. If you find yourself to be somewhat of a blanket collector, you may find you will have several different types of blankets and nowhere to display them, so why not create something stylish and practical.  By doing this, you will add an extra layer of warmth to your home, and the blankets will be accessible if you or a guest gets a little chilly. 

Pic Credit: paddingtonway

Blanket Ladder

Displaying your favorite blankets on a blanket ladder can be a great way to have them easily accessed, and it acts as a great display piece for your space. You can take the time to rotate blankets out as the season changes, which will help easily change up the colors and look of the display. This blanket ladder shown above can easily be made with a few simple tools and materials at home, or you can purchase a pre-made ladder to save some time.

Pic Credit: Project Nursery

Oversized Basket

Another great way to display blankets is to use an oversized basket to house all of the linens and blankets you use regularly. Storing the blankets in an open basket makes them easily accessible to grab as needed but keeps them neat and organized when not in use. As for basket choices, the options are endless, from wicker to metal; you can get a stylish basket in any size to keep and display your blankets.

Pic Credit: Etsy

Blanket Rack

If you happen to have a towel rack hanging around or if you can purchase one, they make a great display for your coziest blankets. You could purchase a standard towel rack and give it a quick paint job so it will match the look of your home or leave it as is. No matter what you decide, this is a great way to display a few blankets at a time, and it won’t take up too much floor space, which is an added bonus.

Pic Credit: Estliving

Wall Hooks

Lastly, if you find yourself short on floor space but still want to display blankets in your home, why not consider wall hooks? You can keep it simple and add a standalone hook to an open wall, or you can hang up a few connected wall hooks to allow for more storage and display space.  This is a great way to save on space but still have your favorite blankets displayed regularly.

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