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Keeping the home clean and tidy can be quite a task, especially if you dealing with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms within your home. So, whatever can be done to make the process easier is important, right? These quick tips can cut your cleaning time in half and leave you more time to relax in the summer sun.

No Shoes Allowed

When it comes to keeping our floors, carpet, and rugs clean, one of the best ways to keep them looking like new is to avoid wearing shoes inside the home as a general rule. This will keep most of the outside dirt and grime where it belongs, outside, and it will help you cut down on how often you need to be cleaning the floors.

Make The Bed

Making the bed every day can positively impact the way your home looks, and it can also help you feel a bit better each day, which can make all the difference when it comes to your daily and weekly routine. Adding this simple step can promote happiness and productivity throughout your day, and it will keep your bedroom looking clean and relaxing for when bedtime finally rolls around.

Think Small

Lastly, one of the best tips for keeping your home feeling and looking extra clean is to spot clean your house on a weekly schedule to make your overall home cleaning easier to manage. If you can assign one or two cleaning tasks to each day of the week, you’ll find you do less overall house cleaning and your to-do list will be generally smaller as you find a groove for what works in this new cleaning routine.

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