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As the summer heat sets in, so do the bugs and creepy crawlers we find lurking in our yard. Annoying bugs like mosquitoes and ants can really become a problem in our outdoor space, so it’s vital to keep on top of these pests so they won’t disrupt your summer.

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Deep Clean

The first main step to creating a bug-free space is to plan out a day for a deep clean of your patio or deck. It’s important to completely empty out your patio or outdoor space and clean it from top to bottom with warm water and gentle dish soap. This will help remove any nests or insects that may have gotten cozy over the winter months.

Refresh Lighting

When it comes to lighting in your outdoor space, the color of your light bulbs can actually make a big difference when it comes to having a bug-free patio. Most insects are attracted to white light which is what we see in most fixtures, so instead of using white consider using orange or yellow. This lighting change won’t be inviting to bugs and should help keep your space pest-free.

Prevent Bugs

The final step to having a bug-free patio is an easy and preventative fix you can use year-round: DIY bug spray for the home. To create this spray simply mix together 2 cups of warm water with 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and give it a good shake to combine the ingredients. Use this spray on any outdoor surface such as patio furniture or door frames. This spray will help deter bugs from hanging out while leaving you with a fresh peppermint scent.

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