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While summer is in full swing, it can be easy to forgo home projects for relaxing in the sunshine. However, if you’re looking to tackle a few projects that will enhance your summer season, we have the perfect DIY projects for you. These outdoor ideas will take your backyard space to the next level and keep you extra organized as you enjoy the rest of these beautiful summer days.

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Outdoor Toy Storage

If you have little ones in the home, it’s important to have toys on hand at a moment’s notice. However, when playtime is over, it’s also important to have a place to tuck everything away to keep a clean and organized space. So, why not create a one-stop-shop for all the fun items you keep in your yard space to be stored all year round. Click the picture to learn more.

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BBQ Tool Station

The barbeque will get the most use over the next few months, so it’s important to have an area to keep you organized while you grill. This simple yet stylish barbeque tool station allows you to have easy access to everything you need to grill while keeping it clean and organized. This project can be mounted anywhere near the grill for easy tool access. Click the picture to learn how to make your own version.

Pic Credit: Thatsmyletter

Summer Towel Unit

If you have pool toys or outdoor water activities that tend to come out in the summer, this project is perfect for you. This storage unit will hold all of the towels you need and help avoid extra trips through the house looking for a towel to get dry. It even has extra storage that can be customized for small pool toys, sunscreen or even a spare pair of sandals. Click the picture to learn how to make your own DIY summer towel unit.

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Outdoor Entertaining Hutch

It can be a lot of work to go in and out of the house to get what you need when it comes to outdoor entertaining. So instead, why not create an outdoor entertaining hutch that will hold everything you need to throw the perfect dinner party in your own yard. You can store all the dishes and cutlery needed to throw a small gathering or a large dinner party, and it can also act as a bar for your guests. Click the picture to learn more about this great unit.

Pic Credit: Jenwoodhouse

Backyard Storage Bench

Lastly, when it comes to your yard, you can never have enough seating and storage. So, to combat that issue, you can create your own DIY backyard storage bench, which will provide comfort and meet your practical needs.  This fashionable bench will look great in any space, and it can be custom-fit to any yard, patio or deck area. Click the picture to learn how to create your own backyard storage bench.

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