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There is nothing better than a fresh bouquet of flowers greeting you as you enter your home or sitting pretty on the kitchen counter. Having fresh blooms displayed in your home can make it feel more inviting and help you bring a bit of the outside in. The best part is you don’t need a massive bouquet of flowers either to bring that feeling in, just a few well-picked flowers that make a big impact.

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to spend a ton of money when it comes to displaying beautiful flowers. Ideally, when you’re shopping for your flowers, it can be wise to buy individual flowers that you love and create your own arrangement. This way, you get exactly the look you want, and you will save money by buying flowers individually. Consider starting with a small bundle of tulips or a mixed arrangement of daisies if you want to start simple.

Find Your Vase

When displaying flowers, it’s important to choose a stylish vase to complement your arrangement. It doesn’t have to be complicated in terms of looks; it can be anything from a classic glass vase to a rustic tin container. Whatever you choose, just consider how it will blend with the rest of the room and color scheme.

Consider Multiples

If you can swing it, it looks great to have fresh flowers all over the house. The bathroom could have a small arrangement for freshness, or you could place a small bundle of flowers on the guest room nightstand. Just make sure to change the water every few days and replace it when they start to wilt.

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