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The entryway of our house acts as the first impression for anyone who visits, and it is also the first stop for any family member who may live there, which usually means you need storage or a place where you can store your personal items. However, once you get the storage aspect worked out, it becomes important to figure out how to make your entryway look good, as it will set the tone for the rest of your house.

Add Personality

It can be tempting to shy away from adding in your favorite style or adding a bold color palette to a small area like an entryway because you don’t want to overwhelm a smaller space or be too adventurous. However, by adding bold designs and bright colors to your entryway of the home, you’ll make the entire space feel a bit bigger, and you can show off the personality of your home as people enter through the front door.

Create A Hub

Next to the design, one of the most important things your entryway needs is a storage component that allows you to store the items you need as you run out the door in the morning or give you a place to put everything as you arrive home after a long day. No matter how you choose to add in storage, make sure it suits the entire family and allows each member to have a spot to place their items.

Consider Comfort

Lastly, you want to make the entryway into your house a functional yet comforting area that helps you welcome guests and family into the home in a very inviting way. To achieve this, add seating if space allows for it, as this will give your visitors or yourself somewhere to put shoes on before heading out for the day. Also, try to include a table lamp to offer soft light or a diffuser to add another layer of comfort into the entryway.

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