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The dining room is a space in the home where family and guests gather to enjoy a warm meal together, so it’s vital that this room gives off an inviting feel and allows everyone to feel comfortable. Taking the time to refresh and update the look of your dining room will add more value to the overall space, and you can implement small design changes that will help the room feel and look brand new.

Clean & Declutter

When it comes to refreshing a space, the first step should be to deep clean and declutter the entire room from top to bottom. This will provide you with a semi blank canvas to work with and allow you to see your design plan for your dining room more clearly. Once you’ve removed the clutter, consider removing any furniture or items that no longer suit the room, this will make way for any new pieces that you may bring into the dining room.

New Wall Color

Choosing a new paint color for your dining room walls can make a huge visual impact and make it feel like a brand new space in your home. When you have decided to paint your dining room walls, it can also be a great time to consider an accent wall done in a slightly different color or shade to add a little visual intrigue to the space and help the room stand out from the rest.

Featured Piece

Lastly, if you are looking to add a showstopping feature piece to your dining room that brings warmth and comfort, consider adding a Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace. Not only will this fireplace become the talk of your home, but it will also help your dining space feel refreshed and cozy as your family or guests sit down to enjoy a meal together.

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