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The summer season has officially landed, which means long sunny days and sometimes a cooler evening to be enjoyed outside. Now, if you already have an outdoor fireplace set up for the season, you might be wondering about how to ensure everyone’s safety when enjoying the radiant heat on those cooler summer nights.

We’ve covered some of the most important safety questions that should leave you with the confidence to enjoy your outdoor fireplace all season long.

How can I ensure safe burning with my outdoor fireplace?

Using an outdoor gas fireplace provides a safe burning environment while providing efficient, radiant warmth to you and your loved ones. An outdoor gas fireplace burns 100 times cleaner than a wood fireplace.

Do I need to allow for extra space around the fireplace?

Some outdoor fireplaces, such as a Valor outdoor fireplace, require a weatherproof closure. For more information, visit the “Things to Consider” section at this link.

What can I do to ensure safety for my children or pets who enjoy the outdoor space?

Ensure that your outdoor fireplace is equipped with a safety or barrier screen. Additionally, Valor HeatShift™ can be installed to cool the surrounding areas around the fireplace.

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