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When you look around your home, you may find some spaces and corners where you may find you have to get extra creative and think outside of the box. This is where “home hacks” come in, basically finding a hack or a fix for a unique problem that may lie in your home. For example, if you find yourself short on space in your pantry, you could use a magazine holder to hold your tin cans. This not only saves space but helps keep all your items together, making it a great and useful home hack. Are you ready to hack your home? Keep reading.

  1. Hinged Art: Does your home have unsightly panels or fuse boxes that need to be hidden from plain view? Consider attaching hinges to a piece of artwork to cover the panels, while still allowing you easy access when needed. Simply, attach the hinges to the picture of your choice and to the wall. Your picture can then be flipped open whenever you need access to the hidden panel or box. This is also great for hiding home safes or deposit boxes.
  2. Closet Rope Lighting: It’s no secret that closets can be overly dark, even when you try to add some lighting. To alleviate this problem, consider adding outdoor rope lighting to the edge of your door frames on the inside of your closet or pantry. This lighting can be flipped on whenever you find you need some extra light and will stay hidden when it’s not in use.
  3. Framed Whiteboard: Are you always writing messages and to do lists on random piece of scrap paper, only to lose them in the shuffle of everyday life? Well, to avoid this consider creating a modern whiteboard for your home and family.  Simply take a framed picture with the glass in tact, put in your favorite background (material, photo, drawing etc) and hang. Use whiteboard pens directly on glass and have all your messages be in one place.
  4. Velcro Storage: Last but not least, if you have kids this is a great hack for storage! Velcro can be used on almost any item and can help keep thing in the same place and organized. So for example, why not attach a small piece of Velcro to your child’s stuffed animals and install a longer Velcro piece on the wall. This way when it’s time for clean up, your child can stick the animals up on the wall and have the put away for next time. This will save you from taking up floor space and help your child learn the process of cleaning up, while having fun!
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